Upon arriving at a sports bar on Saturday (not in Austin), the AG couldn’t help but notice the sign in the picture above. In short, is this sign’s presence on the bar’s front door a good thing or a bad thing?

You could say it’s good because they want to keep their establishment classy—as classy as a sports bar can be, that is—by keeping out idiots dressed in baggy pants and flat hats. (Side note: Could someone please email the AG and explain what a “flat hat” is? Thanks.)

The argument to say this is bad, however, is just going to point out how depressing it is. The only reason management put that sign on the door is because there had to be—at some point past or present—a recurring issue with people coming in dressed like trash. Signs like this shouldn’t have to exist… In that same vein, dress codes shouldn’t have to exist! Not knowing how to dress appropriately when out in public is simply ridiculous.

Sorry to get on the soapbox, but the AG found this sign to be really interesting. Can you remember the last time—if ever—that you saw a sign like this somewhere? If nothing else, you have to enjoy the humor of #6, “NO SLEEVELESS JERSEYS”. Lord Jesus help us all. Grown men wearing jerseys is bad enough, but sleeveless jerseys? Mothers, hide your children.

Time for the AG to patronize a higher-quality sports bar and for the rest of you to start living life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on September 15, 2010.

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