Ask the AG: What’s better than Levi’s or Wrangler jeans?

AG: I know there is a blog related to wearing jeans to weddings.  Any chance you can suggest jeans other than Levi’s 501s or Wrangler Cowboy Cut?  It would be greatly appreciated. The advice you give is fantastic.  Keep up the good work.—Michael

Michael, who paid you to call the AG’s  advice “fantastic”? Seriously though, thanks for the question and the comment.

We’re in the same boat—the AG has been wearing 501s since grade school.  Here’s the problem, though: jeans are tricky. Before you take any more advice from the AG, you should probably turn to a woman—your wife, your girlfriend or your best female friend—and get her opinion. As men, we tend to buy clothes in a hedonistic manner; that is to say that we worry first about how it feels, not how it looks. Exhibit A: the “dad jeans” epidemic, portrayed most notably by our Commander-in-Chief.

You may not realize it, but before you start wondering if you can pull off that sweet turtleneck, your body is telling you if it’s comfortable or not. Just think about it. You’ve worn Levi’s 501s and Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans all your life because they’re comfortable. Even if it looks good on them, most guys won’t buy an uncomfortable item of clothing.

Women, on the other hand, will wear the most ridiculously uncomfortable clothes just to look good. Exhibit B: high heels. The point, again, is to defer to the fairer sex. When you slip those jeans on for the first time, a woman is looking for very different things than you are. That’s good—she’s the one you want to impress, anyway.

When you do start trying on jeans, keep a few things in mind.

  • Don’t be afraid to step outside your wheelhouse. Pick out some jeans with a darker wash and a slimmer cut, and you’ve got the AG’s guarantee that your girl will crack a smile. You would be surprised how easy it is to get a more modern pair of jeans that still fit and feel great.
  • Step outside your wheelhouse, but don’t leave the ballpark. There’s nothing wrong with jeans that are “in style”, but don’t go crazy. Black and white jeans are for musicians, and anything on the butt other than a credit card-sized logo patch is unnecessary—and ugly as sin.
  • Expand your ideas of where “guys go to buy jeans”. Nordstrom has one of the best selections of denim around, though it may not be the first place you’d think of. Local spots like Stag Austin and By George have fewer brands to choose from, but they still have some great stuff.
  • You get what you pay for. If you’re anything like the AG, you’re not going to buy three or four pairs of jeans and rotate them, but instead, buy one pair and run ’em into the ground. With that said, you shouldn’t hesitate to pay $100 (or more) for a good quality pair of jeans. If the fit well and look good, consider it an investment.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the AG wants you to go seek out your next pair of jeans, not just take a recommendation. The footer of your email sent the AG to the Facebook page of, presumably, a bar or restaurant you’re opening on Rainey Street. The AG has spent some time on Rainey, and it’s packed full of hip, trendy folks. It may indeed be time to upgrade your denim to something more modern and sleek if you’re going to be running a food and beverage establishment on a street with that much buzz.

Oh, and the Wranglers? No matter how hard Brett Favre tries, Wranglers will never look good on anyone other than George Strait and legitimate cowboys. Saddle up or move on, Michael.

Time to think twice about your “dad jeans”, Mr. President, and start living life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on September 2, 2010.

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