Ask the AG: Wedding Day Shave

“I’m told you know Austin well, so help me out. I’m from Dallas, but my fiancée is from Austin. We’re getting married at the Mansion on Judges’ Hill in December, and I’m looking for a place where I can take all my groomsmen to get a shave or beard trim the day of the wedding. Do you know of any good spots for us to go? -Brian”

Brian, congratulations on your pending nuptials and compliments on the great idea. The AG has never heard of a groom throwing something like this together, but it sounds like it could make for a good time—provided no one died or went to jail at the bachelor party the night before.

In giving you an answer, it’s best to tell you that the barber shop mentioned below is the AG’s favorite. That is to say, there is a bit of bias going on here. There are plenty of popular barber shops in town—Bird’s, Wooten and Avenue to name a few—but that’s a conversation for another time.

If you’re looking for an excellent straight-razor shave or a cleanup on aisle beard, you’ve got to visit the Good Life Barber Shop at 5th and Brazos. Monday through Friday, this is the best place in town to go for a high quality shave, haircut and shoulder massage. While you’re being taken care of, there’s a refrigerator full of beer and a group of flat-screens running ESPN and CNBC. If there’s a wait, plop down on one of the leather couches, get your shoes shined or shoot some pool.

By now, Brian, you’re probably asking yourself, “How does Monday-Friday help me on my wedding day?!” Don’t worry, my soon-to-be-married friend—the AG has you covered.

The AG put in a call to Debbie, who co-owns Good Life with her son Ryan, and found out that for about $35 per groomsman, they’ll open up the shop on a Saturday just for you. While your friends get an old-school straight-razor shave one at a time, the rest of you can relax over drinks, play some cutthroat and talk about the mistakes you made just hours before.

Along with the TVs, pool table, etc,. the shop is actually underground and has a very vintage vibe, so the AG has a feeling you’ll spend a few hours there. Enjoy yourselves, and when your faces are smooth as glass and those four or five Heinekens have calmed your nerves, it’s just a short cab ride back to your hotel or the Mansion.

Don’t forget to send the AG an invite.

Time to pop five or six Advil, get a good shave and start living [married] life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on September 27, 2010.

One Response to “Ask the AG: Wedding Day Shave”

  1. Must agree with you AG. Debbie and Ryan are the best in town.

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