Somebody help this guy…

Forget terrorism and full body scanners. The idea of a murse (man purse) is worse than both…

The AG landed at ABIA late last night, only to have a l-o-n-g workday capped off by the sight of the stylish fella you see pictured above. (Side note: File “private detective” under the category of jobs the AG could never hold. It took seven attempts to snap this photo without getting caught. Seven.)

This guy is dressed like the airport is a Gold’s Gym. Even if you’ve settled with looking that sloppy, wear something with pockets, thus avoiding the over-the-shoulder tragedy we see here.

His Prada* shoulder bag might be fashionable across the pond, but here in the lower 48, men don’t use them. Period. What is even happening inside that bag?! Guys, if you don’t have room in your pockets for your keys/wallet/phone/etc., you’re carrying too much stuff.

Ditch the man bag, clean out that Costanza wallet and start living life better.

*Note the small, triangular logo at the top of the bag.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on December 15, 2010.

One Response to “Somebody help this guy…”

  1. I can’t make it out, but was that gent wearing bike shorts under his shorts (NBA style)? *Sigh* Was his luggage at least matching Prada?

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