The Friday Find: A little bit classy, a little bit rock’n’roll

While GQ and others have been pushing flannels, parkas and scarves for weeks, we Texans have been slaving through 100-degree heat with no foreseeable end in sight. That’s why this Friday’s find is a set of spring/summer items. It doesn’t matter if it’s high-fashion or not; if you’re dressing for “fall” right now, you look goofy. And probably sweaty.

Thus, the AG presents The Hill-side ties and handkerchiefs. Made from chambray and canvas and God only knows what else, these are some of the most stylish items on the market, and they come in various colors and patterns.

Hill-side pieces look just like linen, but they hold up like a damn 2×4. This is good, since any man that has ever worn linen knows that after about 30 seconds, it wrinkles like it just came out of your laundry basket—which is quite possible for some of you. The AG picked up a tie and handkerchief about three weeks ago, and they’ve done well so far.

While there are bound to be shops with a handful of Hill-side pieces floating around town, the only dealer in all of Austin—uh, make that all of Texas—is Stag on South Congress*.

Time to shop locally, throw a shot of color into your office attire and start living life better.

*Austin-only tip: Just as no one from Austin says “Lady Bird Lake”, they also don’t say “SoCo” when referring to South Congress Avenue. If you’re too busy to squeeze out three syllables, this town is probably too relaxed for you, anyway.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on September 17, 2010.

One Response to “The Friday Find: A little bit classy, a little bit rock’n’roll”

  1. I want that tie in the picture. That’s damn good looking.

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