The Friday Find: Vintage Texas Longhorns tees

While picking out a friend’s birthday gift the other day, the AG stepped into By George Mens. Amongst some other great items—dress shoes and an awesome plaid sport jacket, to be precise—were a collection of vintage University of Texas t-shirts. Well, vintage or vintage-looking. Either way, they caught the AG’s eye. Thought it a good move to put them up on the site since we’re only 24 hours out from UT’s season opener.

The pictures may not show it, but these are essentially popular UT shirt designs that have been aged to look and feel like your favorite old t-shirt that your girlfriend always seems to sleep in. Though they’re not exactly suited for the UT Club or the suites, these tees would fit perfectly in DKR, at a tailgate or on the porch at Scholz’s. Drop into By George Mens today and pick one up, provided they have any left.

Time to sport your new t-shirt in the 100-degree heat, bet against Rice and start living life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on September 3, 2010.

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