A small follow-up note on GQ…

Remember what the AG said about GQ a couple of weeks ago? It’s all still 100% true, including the note about Glenn O’Brien—the Style Guy. In one of his many attempts to “solve your sartorial conundrums”, O’Brien tackled the subject of womens attire.

“If your wife comes out of the bedroom wearing something completely ridiculous, do you say something or bite your tongue? I always say something and we get in a huge fight. Does this happen to you?”

Me? Never! But should the impossible happen, I wouldn’t say anything. Before you tell your wife that what she’s wearing is preposterous, decide if you really want to suffer horribly for the next few days. If she looks bad, she’ll find out soon enough from the body language of the women she encounters. If she later complains that she looked terrible and everyone was staring at her, tell her that you thought she looked fantastic. Then jump her bones.

There’s really not a better answer to this question.

It’s high time Glenn O’Brien ditch GQ and start living [his] life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on August 6, 2010.

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