FOLLOW-UP “Ask the AG: Tux or no Tux?”

Several months ago, the topic of tuxedos came up via “Ask the AG”. Naturally, it was handled with the swiftness and repute that AG readers have come to expect—or, uh, maybe not…

Dear AG,

I love your post. Clean and simple is the only way to go. But lets talk realistic scenarios here:

I am 26 and have been to about six weddings in the past six years. Of those, I’ve been in the wedding party for three of them and all have required a rented tuxedo in order to match the groom. As I see it, I will be wearing a rented tux for the majority of my life. Even my own wedding will require a rented version, since I can’t count on all of groomsmen to wear the exact same tuxedo that I purchase.

Now this brings me to my main point, I want a tuxedo for myself, but the events in my life don’t require such taste, and when they do, it’s required that I rent. So whats the point of a tux? How many black tie events do you go to a year in Austin? This isn’t New York, and we don’t have museum openings, charity balls, and galas coming out of our asses like they do. So where do you sport a tux?



In regard to your comments questions…

When it comes to weddings, the AG mostly agrees with you. Wearing a rental tux is no fun, but you’re a groomsman, so you’ve got to work with the groom. As for your wedding, you’re way off. Remember, it’s your wedding—you can wear whatever the hell you want. The AG is best man in a wedding this fall where all the groomsmen will wear matching rental tuxes, but the groom is wearing the one his father was married in. So, to each his own.

As for non-marital affairs, there are, in fact, many events each year in Austin which require men to wear tuxedos. If you’ve yet to be invited to one, perhaps it’s because you say things like “coming out of our asses”—just a thought. Clearly, though, it’s time for you to get more involved in Austin affairs. Between professional organizations, charity fundraisers and political events, the AG has six different black tie events in 2010—and that’s not counting weddings.

The financial commitment sounds like the bottom line in your case, so think of a tux like any other item you can rent or own, and weigh the pros and cons. Take a kayak, for example. If you live in Northwest Hills or Shady Hollow, renting a kayak for the occasional paddle up Town Lake is an easy sell at $20/day. If, however, you live near downtown, you have many more opportunities to get out on the water, so purchasing a $300 kayak makes sense. The same principle applies to black tie affairs.

Time to buy a tux, get more civically active and start living life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on August 2, 2010.

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