Rolling, rolling, rolling…

See, America? I'm just like you!

Call this an “Ask the AG”, of sorts. A friend was complaining about his boss (female) pointing out his “sloppy look” in the office, based solely upon his sleeves being rolled up. A short—and rather boring—discussion ensued, and the following is the general consensus.

With the weather patterns Austin is seeing lately, it’s no wonder that fewer and fewer men are donning jackets at the office. Even when a full suit is required, most guys spend the summer days sans-coat. And… along with losing the jacket, a lot of us go for the sleeve roll.

Ah yes; suit pants, a necktie and a rolled-up white dress shirt—the quadrennial look of almost every presidential candidate since JFK. The question, though, is can rolled sleeves be considered office-appropriate? What about after 5:00?

Within the confines of your own office, the AG contends that it’s fine. You can drink a scotch in there and watch the “Charlie Bit Me” remix all day, so who cares about your sleeves?

Once you venture out, though, it’s a different story. Much like the boss implied, you’re there for business, so dress like it. Rolling up the sleeves on a pressed shirt sort of defeats the purpose; kind of like wearing a polo to the golf course but not tucking it in. You’re wearing the right clothes, you’re just not wearing them correctly considering your environment. Austin may be a casual town, but there’s plenty to be said for dressing like a professional—here or otherwise.

Come quitting time, you gotta roll those bad boys up. You’ve put in a hard day’s work, so toss the jacket, unbutton those barrel cuffs and order up a stiff drink.

Unless it’s 5:01 p.m. or you’re running for office, keep your sleeves in check and start living life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on July 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rolling, rolling, rolling…”

  1. What about French cuffs? That’s what I wear 3-4 days a week.

    • Jim,

      It’s safe to say that if you’re wearing double cuffs (or “French” cuffs), you’re not the sleeve-rolling type. The last time the AG had to change a tire (at 5:30 on Mopac, no less) the cuff links got hooked into just one side of each cuff. Once the sleeves were up, the links were safe and sound. Sounds like it could work for you just as well, even if you’re just rolling ’em up to have a beer on the patio.


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