Don’t Get Confused

If you follow the AG on Twitter, you probably saw the comments about being gone on vacation and wedding duties. Yes, wedding duties, as it is “wedding season”. (All the female readers just breathed a collective sigh of whimsy.) A few months back, a college roommate decided to take the plunge into adulthood a little sooner than expected, asking the AG to be the best man. In case you’ve never been the go-to guy for a groom, it’s essentially two parts honor and one part pain-in-the-ass, all squeezed into an ill-fitting tuxedo—that’s right Men’s Warehouse, I don’t like the way I looked.

Moving on.

There are all kinds of weddings; traditional, destination, shotgun—you get the drift. This particular wedding, like the bride and groom, was very traditional. Thus, it’s safe to say the AG was caught off guard when another college friend arrived at the church in jeans. Yes, jeans…but here’s where it gets tricky. The guy was wearing dark, properly fitting jeans (read: not JNCOs) with shined oxfords, a pressed shirt, a nice tie and a suit coat. All in all, he looked very stylish. So what’s the problem?

It’s a wedding, dammit. That’s the problem.

Now listen; in the grand scheme of things, the AG is a fan of combining jeans with nicer attire and can be spotted around Austin in the aforementioned getup several nights a week. Still, there’s a difference between casual Friday and a formal wedding ceremony. As a gentleman, you should know that. Period.

So what’s to be taken away from this cautionary tale? Simply this: don’t get confused. In the last five years [or so] jeans have fallen into a gray area of appropriateness—a sartorial purgatory, if you will. There are plenty of folks who think jeans are only for yard work as well as those who think jeans are a magical replacement for chinos and suit trousers. Please, for your own good, don’t be either of those people. When in doubt, just remember the AG’s golden rule—you’d rather be the best dressed man in the room than the worst, and if you’re wearing jeans at wedding, you’re the worst.

Headed to a wedding tomorrow? Time to put on a suit,  hit the open bar with an attractive +1 and start living life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on July 16, 2010.

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