I’M ON A BOAT! (…or was two weeks ago)

The AG and others went out to Lake Travis awhile back and rented a boat through Just For Fun. They’re a great company and we’ve used them several times before, so this is a good forum to give them the appropriate shout-out—frankly, before the AG forgets about it.

Though they didn’t have the exact boat the AG requested, the Sea Ray that JFF provided was great. Fairly new and very clean, the boat was fully gassed and ready to go upon arrival. The front end paperwork was simple and the checkout was even easier.

The cost—$600 or so for the day—was split between three guys, so it wasn’t too bad. On the bright side, if you’re looking for a shorter trip, the hourly and four-hour rates aren’t that much different from the day rental. A deeper discount would’ve been preferable, but it is what it is.

Overall, the folks out there were very helpful and laid back. It made for an easy day, so it’s likely the AG will use Just For Fun—yet again—in the near future. Check them out.

It’s time to rent yourself a ski boat, sucker some someone into being your DD* and start living life better.

*Seriously, don’t get drunk if you’re driving the boat. That’s what assholes do.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on May 27, 2010.

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