Shoreline Grill… is delicious.

Ran over to Shoreline Grill to meet an old friend for lunch today, and it took about two bites to remember just how good their food is…

Located a few steps west of the Four Seasons—which houses one of the AG’s favorite lounges/bars—this restaurant is an Austin staple for good seafood and great lake views. Rumor has it their executive chef is new, but everything tasted great, and the plating was nice, too.

If you’re headed in for dinner, you can’t go wrong with ordering seafood—Scout’s honor. If these photos of their seared scallops, Chilean sea bass and ahi tuna don’t make you hungry, you’re anorexic.

Be it the lunch hour, though, there is nothing better than Youngblood’s fried chicken. Odd, right? Fried chicken at a seafood joint? The chef takes a breast of chicken and deep fries it perfectly. Yes, perfectly. The skin is crispy, the meat is tender and moist, and it’s [surprisingly] not greasy.

So…yeah. There’s not much else to say. Just go eat there.

Time to stop eating the #3 combo at McDonald’s for lunch and start living life better.

*Austin-only tip: Halfway between Shoreline Grill and the Four Seasons sits one of Austin’s true treasures, the Gallery of the Republic. Specializing in large, handmade replicas of American Revolution and historical Texas flags, this store is a must see for all history buffs.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on May 12, 2010.

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