Called out

So the AG has a few friends in an organization called the YMBL here in town. Went out to one of their charity functions last night—partying for a good cause is a favorite pastime. Had a few drinks, had some laughs; even met a nice girl who insisted we go to the after party at Molotov. No thanks. Nevertheless, a good time was had by all.

…until someone from the group got a microphone and asked for the AG to reveal himself. Yeah, that ain’t happening. There was even a claim that “some ladies” wanted to “meet the AG”. Didn’t you read the first paragraph, guy? That item had already been crossed off the list.

To clarify… there may have been (read: was) a Twitter reply indicating the AG’s intention to drop by the party, but this certainly can’t be grounds for a festivities-halting shout out. Don’t think ill of the AG for not replying, just understand that anonymity is half the fun of this job.

So, to the bearded MC who called the AG out: Don’t be mad. The YMBL threw a good party, and considering the amount of Maker’s the AG had consumed, a speech would’ve been slurred at best.

Time to invite the AG to your party [without announcing it] and start living life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on April 30, 2010.

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