AAG Endorses: Golf512.com

Texas is one of the best states in America for golf, and Austin one of its jewels. As recently as 2008, Austin was ranked in the top ten cities in the U.S. for its number of golf courses*. While the AG appreciates this—seriously, it’s great—there is always a struggle to plan out your Saturday. For goodness’ sake, you should be worrying about what kind of beer to buy and whether you have a throwaway ball for that pond on #6 you can’t ever seem to carry. Thus, the AG endorses Golf512.com (Get it? It’s your area code, dummy.).

After a quick [and free] registration, members of Golf512 will have access to discounted tee times at all public and semi-private courses in the Austin area (as well as DFW, Houston, San Antonio and about 20 other states—should you need it).  This is especially helpful, in the AG’s opinion, for two reasons.

First, the site provides you with a list of green fees (such a pain to call from course to course), almost all of them discounted—even if only slightly. Texas may be barreling out of the “Great Recession” faster than everyone else, but why spend $65 on a round of golf when you could spend $50? Seriously…why?

Second, with a comprehensive list of Austin-area courses, why limit yourself to playing Muny or Clay/Kizer over and over again? Decide what time you want to play, what you’re willing to spend and then look down the list on Golf512. It’s a great way to get outside your bubble and enjoy some of the great courses our city has to offer.

A word about private clubs: The AG has nothing against country clubs. Hell, the photo heading up this post was taken at Austin Country Club, one of the oldest private clubs in Texas. Realistically, though, not everyone can afford to join a CC, so this post is for the masses. The AG is a man of the people, after all.

It’s time to get out of the office, enjoy 18 [discounted] holes under the Texas sun and start living life better.

*Source: US News & World Report article, May 2008, citing number of courses per city (per capita) within 30 miles of the city limits.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on April 13, 2010.

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