AAG Travels: Have cuff links, will travel

It’s no secret that the AG loves cuff links. They are essential pieces of style, albeit small ones, that a man can use to upgrade his attire with ease. Comfortable, fashionable, traditional—cuff links are good. But that’s another story (one you’ll read soon).

When it comes to travel, each of the AG’s bespoke dress shirts are double cuffed, and thus must be accompanied on the road by cuff links. A healthy mixture of common sense and couth will tell you that your links—valuable or not—should not just be wrapped in a sock or tossed in a Ziploc. A gentleman respects the things he owns, and this is no different.

Suggestion? Visit this terribly Windows 98-esque site and pick up the cheap the affordable cuff link/watch travel case pictured above. Is it the nicest thing you’ll ever own? God I hope not. But, if this case is getting jostled around between hotel rooms, airport security and your suitcase, I imagine you won’t have a heart attack when it gets scratched up. (Bonus: holds 6-9 sets of cuff links, one watch and can be engraved.)

Go buy yourself a new pair of links and start living life better.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on February 17, 2010.

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