AAG Endorses: University of Texas baseball mini plans

If you’re a baseball fan living in Austin, here’s the math…

Double header at Disch-Falk + sunflower seeds + a flask Jack = the kind of Saturday you dreamed about all winter.

Thus, the AG must endorse the UT baseball mini plans. At only $75 each, these plans offer you reserved seats for nine single games and one double header. The AG picked up a pair in section 7 about three weeks ago and can’t wait for 2/28.

The current Mini Plan includes the following:

  • Feb. 28 vs. Stanford
  • Mar. 9 vs. Texas State
  • Mar. 13 vs. Iowa (DH)
  • Mar. 19 vs. Nebraska
  • Mar. 23 vs. Rice
  • Mar. 30 vs. Oral Roberts
  • Apr. 6 vs. Texas A&M CC
  • Apr. 10 vs. Kansas
  • Apr. 25 vs. Oklahoma State
  • May 2 vs. Baylor

Time to beat that DUI wrap, throw on some burnt orange and start living life better.

Tip from an OrangeBlood: If you’re getting tickets with your friends, buy into the upper-numbered sections (101-111) to enjoy the best view of the whole game. If you’re getting tickets with your wife/girlfriend/mistress, buy into the lower-numbered sections (1-11) as they’ll enjoy being close to the action. If you’re getting tickets with your kids, buy into the foul-line sections (L2-L4, R2-R4) because every kid needs to catch a foul ball at least once, damn it. If you’re getting drunk, buy tickets on the Berm.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on February 16, 2010.

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