AAG Travels: Carry on [my wayward son]

Crying babies, post-9/11 security checks, the great unwashed… There are plenty of reasons to hate commercial air travel. The reality, however, is that about 90% of us will walk (or run) the corridors of Bergstrom or another airport at least once this year—the remaining 10% will either take Clark W. Griswold-style road trips or fly privately. Since you likely fall into that first 90%, the AG presents to you the first piece in a series we’re calling, “AAG Travels”.

Just like he should never wear a great suit and lace-ups with white tube-socks, a gentleman should never fill a nice piece of luggage with an inferior Dopp kit. That’s right, you read “carry on” and “Dopp kit” in the same article. Why? 3 oz. rule be damned! Frankly, unless you’re traveling for more than five days or with an attractive counterpart—she will almost certainly have to check a bag—your toiletries should easily meet TSA regulations.

Below follows a list of our favorite Dopp kits—one for every taste. Each is small enough to easily fit inside your carry-on.

For the outdoorsman

The Filson travel kit represents simplicity, quality and style in one neat package—a package that will outlive you. American-made never looked so good. ($90, Filson.com)

For the practicalist

The Victorinox “Cabinet” has enough compartments and components to keep even the most neurotic traveler happy. The built-in hanger is a bonus. ($99. Victorinox.com)

For the guy that has everything

The Palana by Louis Vuitton is two things the AG hates—French and overpriced. Why does the AG like it? Because it looks great and isn’t covered in that pompous LV logo. ($500, LouisVuitton.com)

For the vintage fan

If not for its made-in-America heritage and supple leather, the Kenton Sorenson Dopp kit would be off the list for simple inefficiency. But seriously, look at that leather… ($135, ContextClothing.com)

If none of these cases fit you, don’t despair. Some of the best Dopp kits around are the vintage, non-mass produced ones that can be found on eBay, etc. Just follow these three rules and you’ll do fine: Get your hands on a respectable Dopp kit, keep your liquids to 3 oz. or less, and for God’s sake, don’t over pack.

Now get your bags packed, find that stack of Southwest drink coupons and start living life better.

Austin-only tip: Like that Filson travel kit? Visit McBride’s Guns at 30th/N. Lamar. Not only is the family run sporting goods store one of Austin’s oldest treasures, but McBride’s is the only flagship Filson dealer (read: they carry everything) in Texas.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on January 12, 2010.

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