Cold showers v. Dry skin — the AG weighs in

For a variety of reasons, the AG has dealt with scars, cuts and calluses throughout life—just like all men—but does not have patience for dry skin. Thought about an old website the AG used to frequent; remembered, specifically, a suggestion to take cold showers for the betterment of your skin. The AG, regrettably, spends little or no time worrying about skin care—but, as the temperature in Austin has been at or below 40°F and bone dry for nearly a week, the hot showers have been taking their toll.

The AG hates the idea of lathering up after each hot shower with greasy, smelly lotions (“unscented” is a farce), but, in turn, recognizes the simple fact that cold showers are for serial killers*. The best choice? Kick the water down a few degrees and take a warm shower. It may not be the scalding, steamy bath you’re used to, but it’s good for your skin, which is important to women—even if it’s not important to you.

Oh, and one other brief endorsement: bath towels. The AG has, admittedly, held on to some of those old sandpaper-textured rags from college, but they’re for cleaning guns and spilled pinot noir. Acquire some large, high-quality bath towels and your guests will appreciate it—female or otherwise.

Time to take a hot warm shower and start living life better.

*The AG apologizes for sterotyping. If, however, you are a serial killer, being labled a cold shower-taker may be the least of your concerns.


~ by An Austin Gentleman on January 11, 2010.

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